Institute of Play lesson posters

January 1, 2013

The Institute of Play is a fantastic New York City–based nonprofit reshaping the way we learn and engage. I was honored when the Institute commissioned me to design two posters that act as giant visual lesson plans. One instructs students to build their own water-filtration device from recycled materials, while the other asks them to explore their immediate surroundings and document what they find.

Early on, we decided that it was important that the posters feel DIY. The only direction was that I had to use all the copy you see, no matter what ideas I came up with. Since the posters act as a lesson plan, I really enjoyed the challenge.

Huge thanks to Criswell Lappin. And thanks to Print mag for the nice story on Imprint. Click here to read.

Institute of Play
Creative Director: Criswell Lappin
Photographer: Aaron Taylor

Water Filter

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