New Murals This Year

June 10, 2017

Hello, friends! Hope you’ve had a great spring. The past couple months I’ve busy creating a lot of murals and installs for companies, organizations, events and even a couple residential homes. Thanks to GQ, Fortune, Saks, Drybar, New York Sports Club, and many more. Furthermore, below is a time-lapse of the mural I did for the outside of the new Drybar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last month. It was finished in about 4 hours. You can see much more work on my Instagram. Cheers!

I also had the pleasure of creating three permanent installations for the inside of the new New York Sports Club on Astor Place in New York City. We wanted all three murals to be completely different: one capturing the history of the neighborhood, one that people could take a picture in front of, and one that I could inject the humor and honesty of why we really go to the gym. Creative direction by Ray Chang for NYSC.

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