I recently finished a van wrap illustration for CITGO’s “Fueling Good Road Trip”, which pro­motes CITGO through the good things they’re “fuel­ing” in com­mu­ni­ties around the coun­try. After working on credit cards for their Rewards campaign, it was a lot of fun taking it to a larger scale.

Big thanks to Casey Christian and BVK! Check out the video below to see the journey

Agency: BVK Milwaukee
Art Director: Casey Christian

I’m excited to have six pieces in The New Yorker’s annual Summer Fiction Issue, entitled “Crimes & Misdemeanors.” The theme was noir fiction, and I was asked to come up with ‘title cards’ to represent each fiction piece.

We tried to cover an array of styles from Gothic to Western to 70’s Bollywood, depending on the premise of stories. Two of the pieces were laser cut, all of them were shot on top of textures or old photos to capture the noir vernacular. Also, a great video trailer was shot for the issue (featuring dry ice and fake cocaine).

Huge thanks goes out to Jordan and Wyatt! This was a ton of fun.

Art Director: Jordan Awan
Creative Director: Wyatt Mitchell
Photographer: Grant Cornett
Prop styling: Shane Klein and Theo Vamvounakis
Film editing: Ivan Hurzele
Laser cut: SOFTlab

Noir 2
Noir 3
Noir 4
Noir 5
Noir 6

FlexFit / 2Pac Mural

October 16, 2012

Photo by Trashhand

I’m excited to share a wall mural I created for FlexFit Headwear at the MAGIC S.L.A.T.E. trade show in Las Vegas back in August. FlexFit is a headwear company located in Los Angeles that—like all the companies at the MAGIC show—appeals to the urban or ‘streetwear’ fashion community.

FlexFit challenged me to come up with an idea for a mural that I’d draw, real-time, during the first day of the show. While it was important that the mural was relative to the culture of both FlexFit and MAGIC, I also wanted to create an experience for the passersby that wasn’t too literal to the brand.

With those thoughts in mind, I hand-lettered Tupac Shakur lyrics on 500 square-feet of wall space. An avid West Coaster at the time of his death, he’s the top selling hip-hop artist of all time. Furthermore, he became equally infamous for his run-ins with the law, his outspokenness, his bandana, his ‘Thug Life’ tattoo, as well as his ability for writing compassionate songs on topics such as woman’s rights and poverty. In 1996 he was gun-downed in Las Vegas at the age of 25. All this has made him a mythological figure within that community (and a fave of mine).

Beginning at the top left corner, I went round and round for close to 9 hours, hand-lettering one of his most popular and heartfelt songs, Keep Ya Head Up. Without much time to prepare, I experimented on my studio walls during the days prior. I had to calculate the size of the words (5”), how many songs would work, as well as the style and arrangement of the letters. Ultimately, it became another act of obsessiveness that I always seem to enjoy. Thankfully, I met a million rad people during the time.

Huge thanks goes out to Andy Song, Andy Chang, and Daniel Rhie at FlexFit for all their amazing help! Much love to Corbin Cones at HY.GEN.IC, Sarina Saletta, and Matt Shackleford. Also, a big thanks to Tasha Bleu for co-existing with me and shooting dope pictures all day. Finally, props to my lovely friends at Sharpie markers for hooking me up with paint markers!

Make sure to check out the time-lapse (tim-lapse) below! High-five to Eric Kridle.

Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Tasha Bleu
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photos by Timothy Goodman
Photos by Timothy Goodman
Photo by Timothy Goodman
Photo by Timothy Goodman