Colette exhibition in Paris

February 17, 2015

A couple weeks ago I had an opening exhibition in Paris of my Instagram series “Memories of a Girl I Never Knew” at Colette. For those who don’t know Colette, it’s a very popular concept store that is a one-of-a-kind Parisian institution showcasing the latest fashion, gadgets, sneakers, books, fragrances, design, etc. I have 15 pieces from my “Memories” series exhibiting and selling online all of February, along with mugs, t-shirts, postcards, and lighters. I also wrote a couple of my stories on the walls in the store, and I had a 40 Days of Dating book signing at the opening, too. I was just in Paris a couple months ago, as my Ford car was displaying at the Paris Motor Show, and it was such an honor to come back to see my little writing series that I started last summer on my Instagram come to life in such an influential place like Colette.

Read about the series and see more pictures here. Prints are selling at 30” x 30” (76cm x 76cm). You can buy the prints and other products online here.

Photos courtesy of my friend Elena Rossini and Colette.

40 Days of Dating Book

January 7, 2015

Last month we announced that you can pre-order the 40 Days of Dating book! It officially comes out on January 20th. The number one question we had from fans was: What happened after day 40? That question is answered—and in addition to the entire blog—the book contains 304 pages, 60K new words, new art, essays by others, our own diary entries for up to a year after the experiment ended, and so much more. This was a real labor of love for us, working on and off on it for about 6 months. We really wanted to wrap ourselves in the context of today’s dating culture, and it was such an exciting process. Early pre-orderers got signed bookplates from us and custom cards we made and a dart to throw at our heads (we’ll be doing another round of those soon!) You can pre-order the book here:

Book design: Kevin Brainard and Raul Aguila
Art direction: Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman and Kevin Brainard
Illustrations and Lettering: Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman
Cover Photographs: Henry Leutwyler
Video animation: Santiago Carrasquilla and Zipeng Zhu
Website: Eric Jacobsen

Best Book Covers of 2014

December 17, 2014

Fun to see my cover for Wolf in a White Van on a bunch of ‘Best of’ lists for 2014! It’s a great book by John Darnielle that I was lucky enough to design thanks to FSG’s art director, Rodrigo Corral. Check it out on these lists, along with all the other great covers of 2014.

Casual Optimist
Paste Magazine
Huffington Post

We made a short video about the process of creating my installation at Airbnb’s new office in San Francisco last summer! Edited by Santiago Carrasquilla.

Since we launched 40DoD last summer, I haven’t discussed or profiled anything regarding the project on my personal website yet. The residual effects of the project have been exciting, and we recently put a “Selected Press” section on the About page of the website. Outside of those interviews, I have individually discussed it in a few places including this one with Steven Heller. Furthermore, I recently gave a presentation about the experiment at this year’s PSFK conference. Enjoy!

I was recently featured in GDUSA’s annual People To Watch list. I’m honored to be included this year with incredible company such as Tina Roth Eisenberg, Jessica Walsh, Michael Ian Kaye, Ellen Lupton, Natasha Jen, and Matthew Flick. The criteria: individuals with a combination of talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service. Thanks to the crew over there.


My month of guest art directing The New York Times Book Review ran its course last week. When you work for a company like the Times, it doesn’t take much to understand the expectations; a certain level of responsibility to the tradition and legacy. I had the same feeling when I worked at Apple.

Besides working in tandem with well-known editors—discussing literary topics that went way over my blonde head—my favorite thing about the gig was working with amazing illustrators/designers. I hired over 30 illustrators during my stint (I wanted to hire 100 more!)—and when I had the opportunity to package the ‘Politics Issue,’ I jumped at the chance to corral some of my friends and mentors: Alan Dye, Brian Rea, Erik Marinovich, Lotta Nieminen, John Fulbrook, Joon Mo Kang, Mikey Burton, Paul Sahre, and William Morrisey.

Click here to see the issue.


I’m super excited to be a guest art director for The New York Times Book Review until October. I’m very happy/busy working with my own clients right now—but when Nicholas Blechman asked me if I was interested in sitting in for him, while he goes to Italy for the prestigious Rome Prize, I just couldn’t say no. I don’t need to explain how brilliant Nicholas is, and working on illos for him over the years as always been extremely easygoing and rewarding. I only hope I can deliver 1/2 of what he consistently does.

Furthermore, the awesome Rex Bonomelli will take over the gig from October until Nicholas comes back in April. See you on the other side, editorial peeps!


Time magazine cover!

November 8, 2011

I’m excited to have a photo-illustration on the cover of this week’s TIME magazine. My second cover for them in the past 6 months, and this one couldn’t be more different than the first one.

Social mobility is the foundation of the American dream, but slower gains in education, along with the rise of technology, and the entry of 2 billion new emerging workers into the global labor force has led to a rise in inequality. This is the topic of discussion for an article called, What Ever Happened To Upward Mobility?

With limited time, they picked one of the more time-consuming ideas I presented. I knew this had to be photographed, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find a quintessential ladder that the idea called for. Scrambling, I was extremely lucky to find help from my lovely friend / super-awesome-dope-amazing photographer, Thayer Gowdy. This lady couldn’t be more busy, and I probably owe her my life. We rushed to the hardware store, bought wooden poles, broke them in half, and shot them individually at her studio. Finally, I spray painted the “rungs” to convey an idea of stripes, but the editor didn’t go for that.

Massive thanks to D.W. and everyone at TIME!

TIME magazine
Design Director: D.W.Pine


AIGA 365 Exhibition

September 18, 2011

My Ace Hotel mural was included in this year’s AIGA 365 Exhibition. This is a big honor, and I’m particulary excited to have something artful sit alongside a collection of amazing cross-media design work. (Although I hear it wasn’t included in the exhibition, among others’ work. Interesting.) Anyway, make sure to check out the show in NY!

September 15 through November 23, 2011
AIGA National Design Center
164 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

AIGA 365