Judging for CSCA

September 23, 2012

I was honored to judge the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts 2012 Creative Best awards with Gareth Smith, Michael Freimuth and Mark Pernice. Amazing guys, great work, pumpkin ales, bon fires, mid-west friends, and the fresh, autumn air made for a great weekend. Thanks, CSCA.

CSCA Judging

I’m excited to be on the jury for the Art Directors Club Young Guns 9 competition. I’ll be sharing the throne with a bunch of ridiculously talented judges, including some awesome friends. If you’re 30 and under, think you have the skillz, then make sure you enter!

Early bird deadline is April 9th. Regular deadline is May 16th.

Click here to enter.


I’m very honored to be on the design jury for the Art Directors Club’s 90th Annual Awards. And I’m equally excited to share this responsibility with such an amazing ensemble of talented judges, including the design jury chair, Michael Beirut. We’ll be judging for four days in New York next month.

This year also marks the return of separate jury chairs for illustration and photography. The extended deadline is this Friday, January 28th, so hurry up!

Click here to enter.

Back in May, the amazing Anisa Suthayalai and I judged Print magazine’s Creativity + Commerce competition. The competition reviews the best business-related graphic design from around the world.

We chose three top place winners: (1) Design Army for the design of the DC ADClub’s ADDY Awards; (2) Motion Theory for their experiential Google Chrome video demo; (3) KNOCK, Inc. for their self-promotional identity design.

The issue is out, so pick one up! And make sure to read a great article by Peter Mendelsund and Peter Terzian, that features some quotes from my comrade, JF3.

Funny side note: I have the good fortune of working with many awesome British guys (I think I’m slowly developing an accent). The other day, one guy says to me, “Nice one, mate—I reckon you’re famous! I saw your mush in Print magazine this morning.” So I asked, “What the hell is a ‘mush,’ mate??” Apparently it means my face. Anyway, it made my day. Thanks, Jamie! See our mushes below.

Check out the winners here.

SVA Alumni Society

February 15, 2010

I recently asked by the SVA Alumni Society to be on a panel with eight extremely talented (SVA alum) artists to help give away over $18,000 in scholarships for senior thesis students. After about 8 hours of deliberation (and only a tiny bit of arguing) in a small, dark room, we were triumphant.

Processes like these help me remember an expression an old instructor used to say, “Cream rises to the top, and poop always stinks.” That being said, there were many talented students to choose from (particularly, an abundance of great photography students), but unfortunately, funds can’t go to every single student. I was lucky enough to win a scholarship for my own thesis three years ago, so it was an honor to be on the judging side this time. 

Furthermore, I was very surprised to find that I was used as an example in a letter that went out to all alumni recently.