IdN magazine

April 4, 2013

Thanks to IdN magazine for featuring some of my mural work in their latest environmental graphics issue. Check out the rest of the issue here.


Branding and heartbreak are usually synonymous. I learned this sobering fact while working at Collins and at Apple. Work is generated quickly, and killed even faster. However, since I began working for myself, I’ve been fortunate to avoid this heartbreak. Until now.

I was hired to design a 25 foot banner for the awesome crew at the New York Public Library. They wanted a banner that could live between library exhibitions, something that communicated how multifaceted the library is. We felt this story had to be told in a fresh and lighthearted way. After many directions, sketches, revisions, approvals, and even more revisions over 5 months, it was sadly killed for internal reasons.

Big thanks to Katharina Seifert for trying her best to make this happen!

New York Public Library
Creative Director: Katharina Seifert, Heidi Singer


I was recently featured in GDUSA’s annual People To Watch list. I’m honored to be included this year with incredible company such as Tina Roth Eisenberg, Jessica Walsh, Michael Ian Kaye, Ellen Lupton, Natasha Jen, and Matthew Flick. The criteria: individuals with a combination of talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service. Thanks to the crew over there.


Reader’s Digest

January 19, 2013

I had a blast hand-lettering a headline for a story called “How to Sound Smarter” in this month’s Reader’s Digest. It’s a language piece that teaches the right and wrong things to say. We made a time-lapse video for the iPad. Thanks to my pal Dana for her chalk blessings.

Creative director: Marti Golon
Photography: Joshua Scott


Women’s Health magazine

January 6, 2013

I was asked to come up with a ideas for a story on the dangers of tanning beds. Indoor tanners are 74% more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors, and oncologists believe tanning beds are to blame for a huge spike among young women in melanoma cases.

Big thanks to Theresa Griggs for letting me go all out on this!

Women’s Health magazine
Creative director: Theresa Griggs
Photographer: Lucas Zarebinski
Prop stylist: Ariana Salvato
Body make-up: Lauren Cole
Model: Marina Ingvarsson

Women's Health 02
Women's Health 03
Women's Health 01
Women's Health 04
Women's Health 05

The Institute of Play is a fantastic New York City–based nonprofit reshaping the way we learn and engage. I was honored when the Institute commissioned me to design two posters that act as giant visual lesson plans. One instructs students to build their own water-filtration device from recycled materials, while the other asks them to explore their immediate surroundings and document what they find.

Early on, we decided that it was important that the posters feel DIY. The only direction was that I had to use all the copy you see, no matter what ideas I came up with. Since the posters act as a lesson plan, I really enjoyed the challenge.

Huge thanks to Criswell Lappin. And thanks to Print mag for the nice story on Imprint. Click here to read.

Institute of Play
Creative Director: Criswell Lappin
Photographer: Aaron Taylor

Water Filter

Newsweek cover

December 12, 2012

What do you do when you have 5 hours to design the cover of Newsweek for a story on Jesus? Pray! Then start sketching ideas. Quickly.

Last week I was asked to come up with quick ideas surrounding the mystery of Jesus’ birth and life. With my previous 0-4 cover record with them, I’m happy to land one just 3 weeks before they STOP MAKING PRINT EDITIONS FOREVER.

Thanks to my lovely friend Lindsay Ballant for this!

Creative Director: Lindsay Ballant



New editorial illustrations

December 10, 2012

Statistician and predictor, Nate Silver, came out with a new book just in time for the election.
The New York Times Book Review
AD: Rex Bonomell
Nate Silver

Republicans were pessimistic about winning.
Time magazine
AD: Chrissy Dunleavy

Wall Street thieves.
Time magazine
AD: Nai Lee Lum

FlexFit / 2Pac Mural

October 16, 2012

Photo by Trashhand

I’m excited to share a wall mural I created for FlexFit Headwear at the MAGIC S.L.A.T.E. trade show in Las Vegas back in August. FlexFit is a headwear company located in Los Angeles that—like all the companies at the MAGIC show—appeals to the urban or ‘streetwear’ fashion community.

FlexFit challenged me to come up with an idea for a mural that I’d draw, real-time, during the first day of the show. While it was important that the mural was relative to the culture of both FlexFit and MAGIC, I also wanted to create an experience for the passersby that wasn’t too literal to the brand.

With those thoughts in mind, I hand-lettered Tupac Shakur lyrics on 500 square-feet of wall space. An avid West Coaster at the time of his death, he’s the top selling hip-hop artist of all time. Furthermore, he became equally infamous for his run-ins with the law, his outspokenness, his bandana, his ‘Thug Life’ tattoo, as well as his ability for writing compassionate songs on topics such as woman’s rights and poverty. In 1996 he was gun-downed in Las Vegas at the age of 25. All this has made him a mythological figure within that community (and a fave of mine).

Beginning at the top left corner, I went round and round for close to 9 hours, hand-lettering one of his most popular and heartfelt songs, Keep Ya Head Up. Without much time to prepare, I experimented on my studio walls during the days prior. I had to calculate the size of the words (5”), how many songs would work, as well as the style and arrangement of the letters. Ultimately, it became another act of obsessiveness that I always seem to enjoy. Thankfully, I met a million rad people during the time.

Huge thanks goes out to Andy Song, Andy Chang, and Daniel Rhie at FlexFit for all their amazing help! Much love to Corbin Cones at HY.GEN.IC, Sarina Saletta, and Matt Shackleford. Also, a big thanks to Tasha Bleu for co-existing with me and shooting dope pictures all day. Finally, props to my lovely friends at Sharpie markers for hooking me up with paint markers!

Make sure to check out the time-lapse (tim-lapse) below! High-five to Eric Kridle.

Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photo by Tasha Bleu
Photo by Daniel Rhie
Photos by Timothy Goodman
Photos by Timothy Goodman
Photo by Timothy Goodman
Photo by Timothy Goodman

Working Not Working

October 14, 2012

I was asked to make a little Gif to remind those on WNW to update their status. Thanks, Justin Gignac.